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Hi, Thanks For visiting my web site. 
I sincerely hope that you enjoy looking through my Gallery. Photography is my hobby and I truly love to travel and will share pictures of how I see the world. These images along with my daily life are my design inspiration.
The Professional Me.
I try my best to produce products that are first quality. I hope that you would share with me whenever any of my products aren't up to your standards.  [email protected]
I Love to dye fabric. Cotton, Rayon, Linen, Silk and Wool. I get so excited when it comes out of the dryer and it is so pretty! That sounds so silly but it is still true even after all these years. I started dyeing fabrics in the early 90's. My boys would join in and "tye-dye" everything they had that was white. Including their underwear!
I also Love to sew, started when I was about 10 years old. I made my first quilt in 1993. I design Quilts, Runners and Wall Hangings to incorporate my Hand Dyed Fabrics. 
The Personal Me.
I have been blessed with a great family and they are #1.  My parents raised my three brothers and I mostly in Iowa. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, where I met my husband.  We have two wonderful sons and couldn't imagine a happier life. I love to travel and spend time enjoying the "great outdoors" The natural beauty of our surroundings inspires my creativity.
I believe that we should treat eachother with kindness, equally and always.
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The Where, When and Why...
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    No Plans Yet!.
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    May International Quilt Market.
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    Rapid City, SD. Black Hills Quilters Guild
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    Celebrating our Nations Birthday with my family
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    Houston Texas, Quilt Market
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    Houston Texas Quilt Festival
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