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Perle Cotton Threads from House of Embroidery
We carry House of Embroidery Perle #8. It is a beautiful medium weight, high sheen 100% cotton twisted thread that cannot be split.

This thread covers quickly and can be used to create any stitch and is popularly used in needlepoint, countered threadwork, dimensional embroidery, cross stitch, redwork, smocking, appliqué & quilt tying & embellishing.

House of Embroidery is a South African born dye house established in 1995 which produces multi-coloured hand-dyed embroidery thread and ribbon.
As a fair-trade company, House of Embroidery prides itself on the sustained empowerment of previously unskilled South Africans. The majority of the team comprises of women, many of whom were previously unemployed and who currently serve as the main breadwinners in their respective families.
  1. Rainforest Collection Hand Dyed Perle Cotton thread, House of Embroidery
    Rainforest Perle Cotton #8
  2. House of Embroidery Perle #8 Sahara
    Sahara Perle Cotton #8
  3. House of Embroidery Perle #8, Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Perle Cotton #8
  4. Primitive Perle Cotton #8
    Primitive Perle Cotton #8
  5. Sunset Collection
    Sunset Collection
  6. Summer Collection
    Summer Collection
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